I apologize for getting Star Trek's start date wrong. It was September 8, 1966

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I loved Star Trek: the Original Show. However, there were a few things I disliked. I really hated the mini-skirts as uniforms for the female crew. I saw the pilot episode and I very much approved the fact that women and men had the same style uniforms.

Something I remember is that we fans originally referred to ourselves as Trekers because we were going on the journey with the. We hated, and I still do, the term Trekkies because we were not groupies and didn't care for that association.

One of the writers for the show, D.C. Fontana, was a woman. She wrote lots of episodes. I didn't know until relatively recently that she was female. I wonder if Roddenberry's misogyny prevented her from using a name that would clearly indicate that she was a woman.

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